Book Author

Professor Samar Ahmed the book author

The forensic doctor reads and speaks the rarest language of communication, builds special diagnostic abilities on it, and then makes the most daring and strange decisions.

In this book, we will learn the story from the victim who has no way to return, in very private moments between her and the forensic doctor.

Minutes after the accident, each victim will stand before himself; To discover the truth about what happened to her in her last moments, she will tell the story to the forensic doctor, and tell him the scattered details. So that he can see the whole picture, and know the nature of what just happened without anyone witnessing it.

Among these stories are great secrets and special surprises, some of which were shrouded in silence for years, and then reappeared on the coroner’s table for the first time.

Stories that mix sorrow and pain, between anger, hope, and betrayal, bringing together multiple destinies on a journey in search of hidden concepts that were absent from the souls of the victims against their will, until there was an exceptional moment of discovery at the end of each story.