Awards and Grants

• Project for faculty of Medicine Ain shams university development and preparation for accreditation: Applying for a fund of 11 million LE from the Council of higher ministry in Egypt.
• A combined ethics and communication skills curriculum development: an allied international approach. Applying for a fund of 1.4 Million Euros from the European Union for preparation and implementation of a new curriculum in 6 universities in Egypt and in collaboration with six universities in Europe.
• Support for scientific events (awarded for the year 2016).
• Lord Turnberg fellowship grant (2016).
• USAID Cairo initiative (awarded 2013).
• Newton Mosharafa institutional links LIFE project (Awarded 2016).
• Researcher connect project (Awarded 2015) (Applied for 2016)
• MEDASTAR Erasmus 2 project (Awarded 2010).
• FIVE program JESOR Development fund (Awarded December 2017).